Grand Opening Auction, March 30th

In an effort to prepare all our bidders for our March 30th grand opening auction we wanted to take this opportunity to go through what to expect on the big day. Interested parties can easily register to bid online through a selection of platforms including and of course in-house. We strongly encourage people to register to bid on whichever desired platform works for them as early as possible. Even if you don’t think you’ll place a bid on an item, it is a good idea to be ready just in case you make a last minute decision to bid. In-house registered bidders will receive a bidder number which will be used to link bidders with winning items.

Our March 30th auction is just the first of many auctions that Hill Auction Gallery will host each year. Our team is always seeking out opportunities to buy, sell and consign individual items, whole collections, and estates. The Hill Auction Gallery Team is an eclectic bunch of youthful yet experienced experts with the knowledge and research capability to accurately evaluate an item as well as gauging current market conditions and trends.

The members of The Hill Auction Gallery Team all share a passion for the items we handle as well as a passion for providing buyers, sellers, and consignors with a superior customer service experience. Our team understands what it takes to maximize on the value of our customers consignments. From the moment it enters our possession to the moment it ships out our customers items are treated with care as well as the necessary due diligence to minimize selling risks.

Watch this space for regular updates on upcoming auctions, special promotions, and consigning opportunities.